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Course Update - Feb 2019
The following update on course improvement works has been issued by the head Greenkeeper - Mark Latham. 


During October and November, the greens have been pencil tined with 8mm tines we also added a granular Iron mix to help protect the turf during winter and inhibit moss.  
During December and January, we have applied a liquid nitrogen feed with Seaweed and Iron to help harden the turf from disease, with another application planned during middle of February.  
The greens have been hand cut when required and sarel rolled when weather permits us to use machine on greens. 
All the grass tees have been in play all winter, regular moving the markers to help with wear and tear and some of the par 3 tees have had a top dressing of seed and sand to help with recovery. 
Continue to be raked when weather and man power allows, we have also hired a Mantis Tiller on a couple of occasions as this help to break up the compacted sand. Look to purchase one of these in future 
Grass cutting 
Greens, tees and surrounds have been cut in November and December on a regular basis due to the milder conditions with plenty of growth, this has dropped off during January. 

Leaf blowing 
October and November are busy times to try and keep on top of leaf blowing especially around certain holes like 10th/18th fairways, 12th tee, 7th, 9th & 17th Green the carpark and clubhouse areas. 
This winter we have continued with lifting canopies on different areas. 
All the popular trees between 10/18. The back of 10 and 17, the area to the left of the 1st and the large water hazard on 16. The large copse between 2/3 and to the right-hand side of the 12th. The only remaining area to clear is a few smaller trees is between 10/11. Lifted trees behind 18th green to help path to dry out. 
The work that has been done this season especially on the greens has been hard work but rewarding considering the drought this year, but with Paul Morton’s help this year with Fertilizer applications has also contributed to the condition of the greens and other areas. We need to maintain and hopefully increase the Nitrogen based products throughout the growing season to assist in increasing the sward density. 
Jobs to complete  
New astro tee on the 1st hole on footgolf to be completed during February 
Chipping green/short game practice area to be extended and bunker added. 
Drain across the 10th fairway to be dug out and rerouted into old exist drain then lift and level fairway. 
Most of the bunkers on the course need to be looked at to improve playability and maintenance. Plan to either roll the turf down the large faces or revetting of the faces similar to links course.  
2nd Tee to moved other side of public footpath and 17th tee moved close to where 2nd competition tee is now.